The Butterflies ceilling lights are made by Alice, designer at ATELIER D’éco SOLIDAIRE.

She uses the plastic beer keg and butterflies templates to make a simple ceiling light. All of the butterflies are cut with a utility knife. This ceiling light works as a shadow theatre, projecting butterflies on the walls of the room where it’s installed.

After doing some decorations for a «Garden Festival» in The Bouscat, Alice, designer at ATELIER D’éco SOLIDAIRE, decided to use the same technique as the decorations and transform it into table lamps.


The “Nuage” (cloud in french) lamps were made by a group of persons called the « SuperMamies » (SuperGrandmas) in ATELIER D’éco SOLIDAIRE.

Using the plastic beer keg, they cut it down to bands. To opacify the plastic they use a sander and then a heat gun to give it this cloudy appearance.

The « SuperMamies » chose to make the « Nuage » lamps into two sorts, as standing lamps and as ceiling lights.